SimCard 64 Digital Outputs Daughter

SimCard 64 Digital Outputs Daughter

SimCard 64 Digital Outputs Daughter Board I2C Bus

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SimCard 64 Digital Outputs Daughter

SimCard 64 Digital Outputs Daughter

SimCard 64 Digital Outputs Daughter Board I2C Bus

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Key Characteristics

Welcome to one of the boards of the Simcards family named SC-MB, specially designed for the control and management of inputs and outputs of equipments and modules of simulators made or not by Sismo, as well as also of any other equipment or system that it needs of its service.

The main characteristic of the board is so striking as that its connection is made by means of an Ethernet bus which is a standard of networks of computers of local area. In this way, it will be possible to do direct connection to the equipment or computer of control as with a bus USB 2.0 but with the advantage of that the communications and transfer of data will be much more effective and rapid. These properties are important for systems of real time as the simulators.

This board has enabled connectors for the connection of expanding or “daughters boards” according to the needs of a major number of inputs, outputs, etc. The type of connection is by means of a simple flat cable which will join in a direct manner the Mother board with all the Daughter Boards respectively.

  • 64 Digital Inputs. IDC40.
  • 64 Digital Outputs. IDC40.
  • 32 Displays of 7 segments common cathode. IDC40.
  • 14 Servos
  • 10 Analog Inputs (Pots)

Data sheet

Data sheet
Ready to be Connected
Yes (IDC Connectors)
Flat Ribbon Cables
Not Included
User Manual


SimCards Ethernet UDP Protocol

Datasheet - SimCards Ethernet UDP Protocol - Rev4

Download (1.12M)
Configuración SC-MB - Rev1.6

Manual de Usuario - Configuración SC-MB - Rev1.6

Download (2.09M)
Descripción SimCards - Rev1.5

Manual de Usuario - Descripción tarjetas SimCards Ethernet - Rev1.5

Download (2.27M)
SC-MB Configuration - Rev1.6

User Manual - SC-MB Configuration - Rev1.6

Download (2.06M)
SimCards Features - Rev1.6

User Manual - SimCards Features - Rev1.6

Download (1.99M)

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