AFT Overhead Ethernet Alpha
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AFT Overhead Ethernet Alpha

AFT Overhead Ethernet for the Boeing 737NG Simulator

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Key Features

F.01 Module fully assembled and mounted, ready to be used. Plug & Fly
F.02 Frame and cover made in aluminium
F.03 Replica Injection Plastic Knobs
F.04 Backlighted
F.05 Operative gauge with backlight (only Alpha)
F.06 Free SC-Pascal Scripts ready to be used to connect this module with FSX, Prepar3D, Prosim737, Ifly, etc. (see compatibility)
F.07 Ethernet conection, very stable and used in professional market
F.08 Backpanel to connect all the modules and the control electronic, increasing the reliability and availability. Professional termination


ID Ref Type Module Rel. Line ALPHA BRAVO
C01 S737-AOH-M-GL-A10-1023 Module LE Devices Annunciator Panel Module V1 Alpha 1 1
C02 S737-AOH-M-GL-A10-1024 Module ELT Panel Module V1 Alpha 1 1
C03 S737-AOH-M-GL-A10-1025 Module IRS Mode Selector Panel Module V1 Alpha 1 1
C04 S737-AOH-M-GL-A10-1030 Module IRS System Display Unit Module Dual V1 Alpha 1
C04 S737-AOH-M-GL-A10-1030 Module IRS System Display Unit Module V1 Bravo 1
C05 S737-AOH-M-GL-A10-1032 Module Dome Light Switch Panel Module V1 Alpha 1 1
C06 S737-AOH-M-GL-A10-1033 Module Oxygen Panel Module V1 Alpha 1 1
C07 S737-AOH-M-GL-A10-1034 Module Engine Panel Module V1 Alpha 1 1
C08 S737-AOH-M-BL-A30-1035 Module Audio Selector Panel (ASP) Module V3.1 Bravo 1
C09 S737-AOH-M-GL-A10-1036 Module Stall Warning Test Panel V1 Alpha 1 1
C10 S737-AOH-M-GL-A10-1037 Module Flight Recorder Panel V1 Alpha 1 1
C11 S737-AOH-B-GL-A20-1040 Board AFTO Electronic Backpanel V2 Alpha 1 1
C12 S737-AOH-P-NL-A10-1014 Panel Blind Plate Type 144 x 38 mm V1.1 2 2
C13A S737-AOH-G-NL-A20-1019 Gauge OXY Gauge with backlighting V2.1 1
C13B S737-AOH-P-NL-A10-1015 Panel Dummy OXY Gauge V1 1
C14 S737-AOH-P-NL-A10-1016 Panel Blind Plate Type 144 x 44.5 mm V1 1 1
C15 S737-AOH-P-NL-A10-1017 Panel Blind Plate Type 144 x 57.5 mm V1 2 2
C16 S737-AOH-P-NL-A10-1018 Panel Blind Plate Type 144 x 86 mm V1 1 2
C17 S737-AOH-C-NL-A10-1021 Component AFT Overhead Frame Annunciators Kit (4 uds) V1 1 1
C18 S737-GEN-B-NL-A30-2814 SimCard SimCard 14 Servos V3 1
C19 CGEN-TER-RR-3203 Terminal Power Socket Female Jack 5.5 x 2.1 2 2
C20 CGEN-CON-RR-3529 Connector Conector Ethernet female-female 1 1
C21 CGEN-TSW-RR-0504 Toggle Switch Toggle Switch 1CIR 2POS ON-OFF 1 1
C22 CGEN-POS-RR-6704 Power Supply Power Supply 12V 2A 1 1
C23 CGEN-WIR-RR-5310 Cable Cable ethernet 0,5m 1 1
C24 CGEN-SCO-RR-2614 Sismo Comp Metal DZUS with screw V1 56 56
C25 C737-CAS-RR-1626 Casing AFT Overhead Aluminium Frame V2.4 1 1
C26 C737-CAS-RR-1628 Casing AFT Overhead Aluminium Back Cover V2 1 1
C27 C737-STK-RR-6221 Sticker&Serigr. Index To Lock Sticker kit 1 1
C28 C737-STK-RR-6222 Sticker&Serigr. Service Interphone AFT Sticker 1 1

Data sheet

Data sheet
Warm White (12V)
Ready to be Connected
Yes (Ethernet Port)
Product Lines
Power Supply
Input Power


AFTO V2 script for iFly

737NG AFTO V2 script for iFly - Rev1.1

Download (2.71M)
AFTO V2 script for Prosim737

737NG AFTO V2 script for Prosim737 - Rev2.4

Download (2.7M)

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