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FWD Overhead Ethernet

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FWD Overhead Ethernet for the Boeing 737-NG Simulator

Yaw Dumper Switch
Wing Anti-Ice Switch
Reading Light
Engine Start Rotaries
Valve Gauge

Key Features


  • Scale 1:1
  • Aluminum Frame and Cover. Grey RAL7011
  • Module fully assembled and mounted, ready to be used. Plug & Fly
  • Replica Injection Plastic Knobs
  • (Only Alpha): High quality Toggle Switches with Locking Lever (Replica). There are not other Overheads in the market with those switches
  • (Only Alpha): Magnetic Rotaries Engine Start Module included
  • Warm White Backlight
  • Operative gauges with backlight
  • Ethernet connection, very stable and used in professional market
  • Electronic Baseplate to connect all the modules and SimCards, increasing the reliability and availability. Professional termination
  • Fully compatible with ProSim v2 and v3, doesn't require plugin or script, it is integrated with ProSim (Prepar3D or FSX).
  • Free SC-Pascal Scripts available to connect it with other addons such as iFly737 (Prepar3D or FSX).
  • Shipped in a wood box custom-made.

Software Compatibility

Modules & Parts

ID Type Component / Module Rel. ALPHA REF BRAVO REF
C01 Casing FWD Overhead Aluminium Back Cover V1.9 1 C737-CAS-RR-1656 1 C737-CAS-RR-1656
C02 Casing FWD Overhead Aluminium Frame V4.1 1 S7NG-FOH-A-NL-A41-0676 1 S7NG-FOH-A-NL-A41-0676
C03 Hardware Modules Anchorage V1 78 DZUS S7NG-MIP-C-NL-A10-0248 78 Screws S7NG-MIP-C-NL-A10-0248
C04 Module AC Electrical Power Control Panel Module V2 1 S7NG-FOH-M-YL-A20-0625 1 S7NG-FOH-M-YL-A20-0625
C05 Module Air Conditioning & Pneumatics Control Panel Module V2 1 S7NG-FOH-M-YL-A20-0623 1 S7NG-FOH-M-YL-A20-0623
C06 Module Annunciators Panel Module V1.5 1 S7NG-FOH-M-AL-A15-0558 1 S7NG-FOH-M-AL-A15-0558
C07 Module Anti-Ice Control Panel Module V2.5 1 S7NG-FOH-M-YL-A25-0673 1 S7NG-FOH-M-YL-A25-0673
C08 Module Central Control Panel Module V2 1 S7NG-FOH-M-AL-A15-0666 1 S7NG-FOH-M-AL-A15-0666
C09 Module Cockpit Voice Recorder Control Panel Module V1.6 1 S7NG-FOH-M-AL-A15-0557 1 S7NG-FOH-M-AL-A15-0557
C10 Module Digital Pressurization Control Panel Module V2.5 1 S7NG-FOH-M-YL-A25-0665 1 S7NG-FOH-M-YL-A25-0665
C11 Module Electrical Display Control Panel Module V2.5 1 S7NG-FOH-M-AL-A25-0674 1 S7NG-FOH-M-AL-A25-0674
C12 Module Exterior Lights Control Panel Module (Bottom Panel) V1.6 1 S7NG-FOH-M-YL-A15-0605 1 S7NG-FOH-M-YL-A15-0605
C13 Module Flight Control Panel Module V2 1 S7NG-FOH-M-YL-A20-0635 1 S7NG-FOH-M-YL-A20-0635
C14 Module Fuel Pumps Control Panel Module V2 1 S7NG-FOH-M-YL-A20-0636 1 S7NG-FOH-M-YL-A20-0636
C15 Module Hydraulic Control Panel Module V2 1 S7NG-FOH-M-YL-A20-0619 1 S7NG-FOH-M-YL-A20-0619
C16 Module Navigation Control Panel Module V1.5 1 S7NG-FOH-M-YL-A15-0609 1 S7NG-FOH-M-YL-A15-0609
C17 Module Pressurization Indicator Control Panel Module V1.5 1 S7NG-FOH-M-YL-A15-0612 1 S7NG-FOH-M-YL-A15-0612
C18 Module Standby Power Control Panel Module V1.6 1 S7NG-FOH-M-AL-A15-0555 1 S7NG-FOH-M-AL-A15-0555
C19 Module Temp Control Panel Module V2 1 S7NG-FOH-M-YL-A20-0624 1 S7NG-FOH-M-YL-A20-0624
C20 Module Voice Recorder Control Panel Module V1.5 1 S7NG-FOH-M-AL-A15-0563 1 S7NG-FOH-M-AL-A15-0563
C21 Module Windshield and Pilot Heat Control Panel Module V2.5 1 S7NG-FOH-M-AL-A25-0672 1 S7NG-FOH-M-AL-A25-0672
C22 Panel Blind Plate V1 1 S7NG-FOH-P-NL-A10-0521 1 S7NG-FOH-P-NL-A10-0521
C23 Panel Reading Light Front Panel V2 1 S7NG-FOH-P-NL-A10-0664 1 S7NG-FOH-P-NL-A10-0664
C24 Gauge CABIN CLIMB Gauge with backlight V2.3 1 S7NG-FOH-G-NL-A23-0638 1 S7NG-FOH-G-NL-A23-0638
C25 Gauge DIFF PRESS Dual Gauge with backlight V2.3 1 S7NG-FOH-G-NL-A23-0639 1 S7NG-FOH-G-NL-A23-0639
C26 Gauge DUCT PRESS Dual Gauge with backlight V2.3 1 S7NG-FOH-G-NL-A23-0640 1 S7NG-FOH-G-NL-A23-0640
C27 Gauge EGT Gauge with backlight V2.3 1 S7NG-FOH-G-NL-A23-0641 1 S7NG-FOH-G-NL-A23-0641
C28 Gauge FUEL TEMP Gauge with backlight V2.3 1 S7NG-FOH-G-NL-A23-0642 1 S7NG-FOH-G-NL-A23-0642
C29 Gauge TEMP Gauge with backlight V2.3 1 S7NG-FOH-G-NL-A23-0643 1 S7NG-FOH-G-NL-A23-0643
C30 Component APU Toggle Switch V2 Replica S7NG-FOH-C-NL-A20-0627 Standard CGEN-TSW-RR-0529
C31 Component Some specific levers of Module Toggle Switches V1 Replica Caps and Locking Levers - Standard Caps and non-locking Levers -
C32 Component Caps of the Light Toggle Switches V1 Alu Cap Type "T" S7NG-FOH-C-NL-A10-0540 Standard CGEN-TSW-RR-0504
C33 Component Rotaries Engine Start V1 Magnetic S7NG-FOH-C-AL-A10-0542 Manual CGEN-ROT-RR-1403
C34 Board

FWD Overhead Electronic Baseplate, including SimCards as electronic of control with bus Ethernet

V2 1 S7NG-FOH-B-AL-A20-0637 1 S7NG-FOH-B-AL-A20-0637
C35 Cable Ethernet Cable 5m 1 CGEN-WIR-RR-5308 1 CGEN-WIR-RR-5308
C36 Power Supply Power Supply 12V 7A 1 CGEN-POS-RR-6706 1 CGEN-POS-RR-6706
C37 Power Supply Power Supply 12V 5A 1 CGEN-POS-RR-6705 1 CGEN-POS-RR-6705
C38 Sticker&Serigr. Index To Lock Sticker kit 1 C737-STK-RR-6221 1 C737-STK-RR-6221
C39 Handling FWD Over Wooden Packing Crate 1 CGEN-PAC-RR-1001 1 CGEN-PAC-RR-1001
C40 Software SC-Pascal Scripts to comunicate the FWD Over with FSX, Prepar3D, Prosim737, iFly, etc. Web SW-SCPASC-SCRIPTS Web SW-SCPASC-SCRIPTS

Replica Aluminum Caps

(Only in Alpha Line)

The switches to connect the plane lights include realistic replica aluminum caps.

Replica Injection Plastic Knobs

The knobs set have been made in injection plastic following the real specifications, providing high and very real feeling.

Replica Switches with Metallic Locking Levers

(Only in Alpha Line)

The Alpha Line of the Overhead includes Locking Levers scale 1:1, being the best of the market.

Panels with dual colour made in different Layers

In order to get a high quality termination, Sismo prepares the dual colour panels using only professional paint and engraving the texts and lines.

Ethernet Bus

As other Plug&Fly Sismo Modules, the FWD Overhead is powered by the SimCard SC-MB Ethernet, which uses Ethernet bus to stablish the communication with the Software. This bus is very stable and it is used in the Professional market, due to USB is not enough stable when many devices are connected. If you are using ProSim v2 with FSX or Prepar3D, the card is automatically detected and the FWD Overhead works without any additional software.

Magnetic Engine Starter & Magnetic Switches

The Alpha Line includes the Magnetic Rotaries of the Engine Starter and two magnetic switches. The Bravo Line includes standard Manual Rotaries.

Who else includes in the price so many high qualty features!!


The Overhead includes backlight (Warm White) with dimmer.


Data sheet

Warm White (12V)
Ready to be Connected
Yes (Ethernet Port)
Product Lines
Power Supply
Input Power
O.S. Compatibility
Windows XP, Windows 7 (32/64), Windows 8 (32/64), Windows 10 (32/64)
Add-Ons Compatibility
Prosim:737, iFly737
FS Software Compatibility


FWDO V3 script for iFly

737NG FWDO V3 script for iFly - Rev3.4

Download (2.75MB)

FWDO V3 script for Prosim737

737NG FWDO V3 script for Prosim737 - Rev3.7

Download (2.81MB)

SC-MB Configuration - Rev1.7

User Manual - SC-MB Configuration - Rev1.7

Download (1.94MB)

FS Connections Layout-Rel1

Sismo Flight Simulator P&F Modules Ethernet. Layout connecting PCs and Flight Simulator Modules

Download (630.2KB)

User Manual - FWDO Rev5.0

User Manual - FWD Overhead Ethernet - Rev 5.0

Download (951.11KB)

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