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MIP Ethernet Alpha

MIP Ethernet para el Simulador Boeing 737NG

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Key Features


  • Scale 1:1
  • Module fully assembled and mounted, ready to be used. Plug & Fly
  • Metal structure and casings. Grey RAL7011
  • Glareshield made in aluminum Matte Black.
  • TFTs included and fully mounted.
  • Replica Injection Plastic Knobs
  • Warm White Backlighting
  • Operative gauges with backlight
  • Ethernet connection, very stable and used in professional market
  • Baseplate to connect all the modules and the control electronic, increasing the reliability and availability. Professional termination
  • Shipped in a wood box custom-made
  • Free SC-Pascal Scripts ready to be used to connect this module with FSX, Prepar3D, Prosim737, iFly737, etc.

Note: MCP & EFIS Not included.

Component of the following Simulators

Equipment Measurements

Handling Measurements

web-mip measurements8x6.jpg

Software Compatibility



Metallic Structure

The most robust and accurate structure of the market. Fully Compatible with the FBC Cockpit.

You can select between MIP structure and MIP in Sigle Configuration structure.

Aluminum Glareshield

The full Glareshield is made in aluminum painted in matte black to provide a realistic and very professional aspect.


Modules fully Operative

All the modules and gauges are fully operative, including backlight and of course, fully mounted and wired.

By default the Clocks are dummy and could be replaced by stand-alone clocks (Option).


The CDU Bay has been redesigned to allow the installation of most of the CDUs of the market (Fly Engravity, CP-Flight, etc.).


TFT Monitors fully installed and integrated

The TFTs of the Main Displays are fully mounted and ready to be connected with your Computers.

Low Display is optional (10.4")

EDC Module with Replica Lever (Option)

The EDC can be selected with dual concentric rotaries-encoders and the switch "" with replica of the lever & cap.


Ethernet Bus

As other Plug&Fly Sismo Modules, the MIP is powered by the SimCard SC-MB Ethernet, which uses Ethernet bus to stablish the communication with the Software. This bus is very stable and it is used in the Professional market, due to USB is not enough stable when many devices are connected. If you are using ProSim v2 with FSX or Prepar3D, the card is automatically detected and the MIP works without any additional software.

Backlighted with input for dimming

The MIP includes backlight (Warm White) in all the modules, including dimmer that can control also the dimmer of the MCP and EFIS.


Modules & Parts

ID Ref Type Component / Module Rel. Line Un
C01 S737-MIP-A-NL-A20-0127 Casing MIP Casing V2.6 1
C02 S737-MIP-C-NL-A20-0184 Component Captain Glarewing V2 1
C03 S737-MIP-C-NL-A20-0183 Component F/O Glarewing V2 1
C04 CGEN-PCC-RR-5503 PC Comp DU TFT Monitors with VGA interface 3
C05 S737-MIP-C-NL-A20-0152 Component Flight Deck Lighting under Glareshield V2 1
C06 S737-MIP-C-NL-A20-0153 Component MCP/EFIS Lighting under Glareshield V2 1
C07 S737-MIP-C-NL-A10-0144 Component Backlight Dimmer for MIP Backpanel V1 4
C08 S737-MIP-C-NL-A10-0132 Component Metal Display Bezel V1 6
C09 CGEN-SCO-RR-2621 Sismo Comp Display Smoke Glass V1 6
C10 CGEN-SCO-RR-2614 Sismo Comp Metal DZUS (fastener) with screw V1 16
C11 S737-MIP-C-NL-A10-0137 Component Captain Instrument Panel Annunciators Kit (3 Units) V1 1
C12 S737-MIP-C-NL-A10-0139 Component Center Instrument Panel Annunciators Kit (9 Units) V1 1
C13 S737-MIP-C-NL-A10-0138 Component F/O Instrument Panel Annunciators Kit (2 Units) V1 1
C14 S737-MIP-C-NL-A10-0151 Component Landing Gear Lever + Panel + Backlight V1 1
C15 S737-MIP-C-NL-A10-0147 Component MIP Light Test Module V1 1
C16 S737-MIP-C-NL-A10-0140 Component Stab Out of TRIM Annunciator V1 1
C17 S737-MIP-G-NL-A20-0130 Gauge FLAPS Gauge with backlight V2.1 1
C18 S737-MIP-G-NL-A20-0131 Gauge HBP Gauge with backlight V2.1 1
C19 S737-MIP-P-NL-A10-0116 Panel ASI & Altimeter Bezel V1.1 1
C20 S737-MIP-P-NL-A10-0118 Panel Dummy Clock V1.1 2
C21 S737-MIP-P-NL-A10-0120 Panel Dummy Yaw Dumper V1.1 1
C22 S737-MIP-P-NL-A10-0113 Panel RMI Indicator Bezel V1.1 1
C23 S737-MIP-P-NL-A10-0111 Panel SELCAL ID Panel V1.1 1
C24 S737-MIP-P-NL-A10-0117 Panel Standby Blind Plate V1.1 1
C25 S737-MIP-M-AL-A35-0157 Module Autopilot Flight Director System Module (AFDS) V3.5 Alpha 2
C26 S737-MIP-M-AL-A32-0160 Module Background and AFDS Flood Light Control Module (BALC) V3.2 Alpha 1
C27 S737-MIP-M-AL-A35-0161 Module Captain Brightness Control Module (CBC) V3.5 Alpha 1
C28 S737-MIP-M-AL-A30-0154 Module Captain Display Selector Module (DS) V3 Alpha 1
C29 S737-MIP-M-AL-A20-0166 Module Captain SixPack Module + Master Pushbuttons V2.1 Alpha 1
C30 S737-MIP-M-BL-A35-0158 Module Engine Display Control Module (EDC) V3.5 Bravo 1
C31 S737-MIP-M-AL-A35-0162 Module F/O Brightness Control Module (FOBC) V3.5 Alpha 1
C32 S737-MIP-M-AL-A30-0171 Module F/O Display Selector Module (DS) V3 Alpha 1
C33 S737-MIP-M-AL-A20-0167 Module F/O SixPack Module + Master Pushbuttons V2.1 Alpha 1
C34 S737-MIP-M-AL-A35-0163 Module Ground Proximity Warning Panel Module (GPP) V3.5 Alpha 1
C35 S737-MIP-M-AL-A10-0156 Module Nose Wheel Steering Module (NWS) V1 Alpha 1
C36 C737-STK-RR-6203 Sticker&Serigr. CAIP-FOIP Do Not Extend Sticker 2
C37 C737-STK-RR-6205 Sticker&Serigr. Yaw Damper Sticker 1
C38 S737-MIP-B-AL-A36-0179 Board CAIP Electronic Backpanel V3.6 Alpha 1
C39 S737-MIP-B-AL-A35-0177 Board CEIP Electronic Backpanel V3.5 Alpha 1
C40 S737-MIP-B-AL-A35-0178 Board FOIP Electronic Backpanel V3.6 Alpha 1
C41 CGEN-WIR-RR-5310 Cable Ethernet Cable 3m 1
C42 CGEN-POS-RR-6705 Power Supply Power Supply 12V 5A 1

Ficha técnica

Ficha técnica
Warm White (12V)
Ready to be Connected
Yes (Ethernet Port)
Product Lines
S.O. Compability
Windows XP, Windows 7 (32/64), Windows 8 (32/64), Windows 10 (32/64)
Add-Ons Compability
Prosim737NG, iFly737
Flight Simulation Programs

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MIP Ethernet Alpha

MIP Ethernet para el Simulador Boeing 737NG

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