iFly 737NG Pro Cockpit Builders Edition for Prepar3D v4
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iFly 737NG Pro Cockpit Builders Edition for Prepar3D v4

iFly 737NG Pro Cockpit Builders Edition para Prepar3D v4

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iFly 737NG Pro Cockpit Builders Edition for Prepar3D v4

iFly 737NG Pro Cockpit Builders Edition for Prepar3D v4

iFly 737NG Pro Cockpit Builders Edition para Prepar3D v4

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Fly 737NG Pro Cockpit Builders Edition for Prepar3D

iFly 737NG Pro Cockpit Builders Edition for Prepar3D. This special Pro Cockpit Builders Edition contains additional software to make it a one box solution for your cockpit build.

IMPORTANT - Please Read Before Purchase

This product does not include the base iFly 737NG for Prepar3D product. You must already have the following product before purchasing this product:


For additional pre-purchase information, please read:

For P3D v4 Customers:


Product Features

This will transform your 737NG Cockpit build with a one-box solution for your displays and gauges. The cockpit builders software seamlessly integrates with the iFly 737NG for Prepar3D, giving users the ultimate in flexibility in their choice of 737NG model and allows fitting out their cockpit with their choice of airline customer options.

IMPORTANT - This product is for home / academic use and is not licensed to be used for training, or any professional or commercial use. You can use this product as a basic familiarization aid that introduces you to the aircraft systems in a home / academic environment. If you wish to use this product in a commercial, flight school or academic training / classroom environment, please contact Airliner1 for options.

Using its own protocol, the client PC's connect with Prepar3D and the iFly 737NG via the installed server program, allowing the user to create, resize and position all of the gauges required for the perfect 737NG flight deck. Create custom combinations of displays that automatically open on each client screen, perfectly sized, positioned and saved.

The following Gauges are ALL available in this package and can be added to any screen as one single display or spread across multiple networked computers and displays. You can easily configure combinations of gauges to be displayed over one or more monitors connected to each networked computer.

Pro-Cockpit Builders Software

  • Server software
  • Client Software for multiple computers

Captain Gauges

  • PFD
  • ND
  • FMC with or without keypad

First Officer Gauges

  • PFD
  • ND
  • FMC with or without keypad

Engine Display Gauges

  • Upper DU
  • Lower DU

Standby gauges

  • Flaps guage, Clocks, ISFD gauge, RMI without frames

You can have the Captain or First Officer's PFD and NDs on one display or split across separate computers. Likewise you can add the set of Standby gauges to the Upper DU screen if a shared monitor is covering both of these systems. The FMC CDU is available as 'screen' only version or as full CDU for single screen with mouse interaction or touch screen use as required. A simple panel.cfg file entry swaps them over in seconds.

Ultimate Flexibility

This package offers the ultimate flexibility - removing the need for numerous programs to achieve the same effect. Simply start Prepar3D and Select the iFly 737NG of your choice and the server will automatically connect with your client PC's. The pre-selected gauges will then open automatically on the appropriate displays.

This extensive package has stunning exterior models of every NG and BBJ variant. Each can be flown with an incredibly realistic virtual cockpit in addition to the 'Cockbit Builders' configuration and with a level of systems simulation authenticated by real NG Pilots. Systems and flight dynamics have been tested by real 737NG pilots to ensure that accuracy of performance and functions that mirrors the real aircraft.

iFly Community Forums for support, updates, and a whole lot more!

Make sure you visit the iFly forum community for product support, repaint information, product updates, cockpit builders forum, and a whole lot more. This community is very active with many other iFly pilots, real world pilots, cockpit builders, texture artists, and many others.

iFly Community Forums

Download Information

For P3D v4 Customers please go to:


FS Compatibility - System Requirements

Lockheed Martin Prepar3D 3.x or 4.x
3.2 GHz Quad-Core Processor (4.0+ GHz recommended)
5 GB of disk space
8 GB RAM (16 or more recommended)
2 GB Video Card (4 GB or more recommended)
Win7 and above (64-bit)
FSUIPC (registered or unregistered)

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iFly 737NG Pro Cockpit Builders Edition for Prepar3D v4

iFly 737NG Pro Cockpit Builders Edition para Prepar3D v4

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