New MCP v4

New MCP v4

Besides of all features incorporated in the v3 of the MCP, the new v4 has been created to split the green light of the push buttons, where the legend (top of the button) is illuminated permanently in green and the bottom bar is illuminated when the function associated to the button is activated. It follows the same behavior of the real Boeing 737NG.

To achieve this target, Sismo has developed a new push button which incorporates 2 green LED bars to be able to provide a continuous and homogenous light, being the best solution of the market.

Therefore, this new release of the MCP incorporates all the 737NG features with high quality termination, developed to provide the best feelings to the customer.

This product, as the rest of Plug&Fly Sismo’s modules, it is ready to be connected with Prosim:737 v2 without additional scripts and with IFly737 through free SC-Pascal Scripts available in the Downloads section.

Please compare features and prices and you will find that it is the best option of the market.

Key Features:

  • - Injection Plastic Knobs (replica)
  • - Magnetic A/T toggle Switch
  • - Dual Concentric Rotary-Encoder Heading / Bank Angle Selector
  • - Push Buttons with top legends in green (optional)
  • - White 7 segments displays
  • - Backlighting
  • - Dimmer connection available (compatible with Sismo’s MIP)
  • - Metallic Casing
  • - Ethernet Bus, powered by SimCard SC-MB Ethernet
  • - Plug&Fly
  • - Compatible with the best Add-Ons (FSX, P3D, Prosim737, iFly737)
  • - Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 32 and 64 bits

For futher info go to MCP v4 in the shop

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