Using Prosim737 V2.x with Sismo Modules Ethernet

Using Prosim737 V2.x with Sismo Modules Ethernet

This Post supersedes and update the previous Post "ProSim:737 2.0 does not require SC-Pascal Scripts". Read the attached PDF to configure your Sismo Modules P&F Ethernet with the new ProSim:737 V2.x. The configuration is different depending on the Module Version. 

Download Modules Description Release Add-On
P&F Ethernet Technical Report - Using Prosim737 v2 with Sismo Modules Ethernet  Rel. 1.1 ProSim:737 V2.x

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  1. Customer Service

    Dear Mr Jolivet, You can check your invoce but if you still don't know the version of the modules, please contact us at We will verify our database and we will send you the information. Best Regards.

  2. Thierry Jolivet

    Hello, How can find the version of my sismo modules about the compatibility matrix with Prosim 2.x? I have FWD and AFT OVHD panels and predestal panel. Regards Thierry

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