ProSim:737 2.0 does not require SC-Pascal Scripts

ProSim:737 2.0 does not require SC-Pascal Scripts

The new release of ProSim:737 2.0 does not require use SC-Pascal Scripts to connect the Sismo´s Plug&Fly Modules. The application recognise automatically the module based on the Host Port. See below image for further details.

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  1. Urs Roth

    Hello, I just wanted to ask if there is already a solution to the problems of mine? Unfortunately, my post was deleted in the Prosimforum under Sismo. For whatever reason. Best regards Urs

  2. Urs Roth

    Hello everybody, I think I have the same problem with the F / O PFD and ND and the gear lever. Also I have a problem with the Servo Brake Pressure and the 2 Annunciatoreen Armed and DO NOT ARMED (in the case of the Annunciator I am dealing with a communication problem with the TQ and Prosim since the ProSim Version 1.54) I allow myself here to copy the link to the prosim forum, so I do not have to explain everything again. Thank you for your efforts. Friendly greetings Urs


    Hello James, Thanks for your reply. When you said your config file I suppose it's the config.xml from my PROSIM 737. If yes I've a backup of this file. Concerning the items with IOCP entries I've done that already three times and my different problems still occurs. And the procedure to delete all the IOCP entries is quite very long because there are a lot of entries. Do you have a tip to delete all those entries on a short time ?

  4. JAmes Williams

    I had the same issue with my landing gear handle switching the PFD MFD around. It was caused by my deleting the oriinal config.xml file and starting from scrath which I though I had to do. Hopefully you saved your original config file. Put it back, then open Prosim config, go to the combined tab, then just delete every entry under all items that are IOCP values. Restart Prosim after closing up and everything should work for you.


    Hello to all the team, I'm a proud user of the MIP and PEDESTAL SISMO since year 2013. I'd everything configured with the help of Maurico Pacheco and I'd also participated to the different scripts for Sismo. Begin of this year I've migrated to PROSIM 2.0 and now I can't use the PROSIM sismo script because a lot of strange behaviours occurs. By example the ND of the F/O is invisible and if I retract the landing gear then the screen comes alive ! I also can't change the Nav 1 and 2 frequencies. For your information I've well access via the Config page of PROSIM to the advanced config for Sismo ethernet boards support and my MIP and PEDESTAL are well recognized. At this moment I'm back to the activation via the two IOCP ( - 8093 and I also run your two latest scripts (version 3.3 for the MIP and version 4.10 for the pedestal-imported also the sismoconfig_May_2017.xml). With those configurations I can perfectly fly with PROSIM 2.01b1 and all the MIP and PEDESTAL works without any problem. I'm ready to know if you can kindly help me because I understand it should be more easier to use this new advantage from SISMO and PROSIM. Your future guidance and help should be very appreciated. Best Regards from Belgium. Marc MANANDISE PS : I've migrated from the version 1.56 to 2.0 then to 2.01b1 of PROSIM via the update zip file of PROSIM. So it was not a new clean installation but I've also tested via a clean installation and the different problem occurs.

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