Sismo develops also Railway Solutions

Sismo develops also Railway Solutions


Several years ago, Sismo & THALES have signed off an agreement to develop railway solutions SIL0 for ports and workshops with real railway traffic without passengers. The result of this agreement has been the development of the following products:

SiTrack MW: Hardware and Software to control small railway workshops and depots.
SiTrack DW1: Hardware and software to control ports with a huge number of turn outs, switches and level crossings. This solution gives support to the visual operation inside the port, controlling the switches and level crossings through specific field cabinets connected by wifi with the central computer, called SiCOM.
The operation can be central and remote, using windows tablets connected via GPS and sending the information by wifi to the central computer SiCOM. It is a big innovation, due to with just one GPS beacon, the system controls the circulation of a train and it is monitored in the SiCOM, creating virtual track circuits in Geo Zones. Of course, due to it is a SIL0 system, it provides support to the Operator/drivers, but has not the control of the installation.
This development has been awarded by THALES in an European R&D Project in collaboration with the Industrial Engineers of Seville and Seville Port.
Sismo has develop the 100% of the software and hardware, based on our experience in development of hardware and software of Flight Simulators and previous experience in Railway Systems.

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